puzzle Blocks

How to play?

  • Color King & Line Master.
  • Line Master: Build vertical or/and horizontal line to clear board.
  • Color King: Match 3 blocks of same color to clear.
  • To play, Simply drag the blocks and place them on the board.
  • Feel free to rotate Blocks for the best fit and collect power ups as gifts.
  • Free to play but game will be over if there is no space for new block.
  • Score higher and collect Coins.
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Whats waiting for you?

  • FREE to play with No WiFi restrictions.
  • Good graphics and sound effects.
  • Relaxed and easy game to play.
  • Timeless fun with smart polyomino shapes, boost ingenuity and shape up your spatial skills.
  • Leaderboard: Connect with WIFI to compete top players around the world.
  • Free download on Google Play Store.
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Challenging Brain Game

Easy to start, difficult to master.This game helps you boost your ingenuity,solve problems in a clever way.

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Simple puzzle games to help you relax and brainstorming. Easy to start, difficult to master.

puzzle Blocks

Getting Your Childhood Days Back With Puzzle Block Game - 2020!!

The most favourite pastime for every game lover is to spend their idle time with no money on Puzzle Block Game online. Why would you need to spend countless money on games outside, while you can have fun sitting on your couch with your pyjamas, and have your time passed with an exciting and fun game? Puzzle Block presents you with a game that would surely bring back your childhood memories. Remember the days, when all you had to do was play those cube games on your video games or run to your friends to play it? But, now that we've all grown, and all the tiring work and schedules, it gets really difficult to get that childhood fun back. But, we're here to get it all back! Download the most fun Puzzle Block Game 2020 with one click.

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block puzzle download

Puzzle Block Game - 2020 !!

Why Puzzle Games?

If you notice, something that needs your attention plays a vital part in your entire body, especially your mind. Which most certainly means, you're giving in your entire body into getting habitual to that one thing. Once your body gets used to it, you slowly start acting the same. Games that have a lot of dark sides, like killing can create the same influence on you. On the other hand, Puzzle games are something that creates and develops your intellectual being to even more depth into being more competitive and imaginative, along with a lot of creativity. The only motive for puzzle games is to create the same spirit of competitiveness and creativity.

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